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Currently, four "home" departments are associated with the joint Cognitive Science Ph.D. program: Child Study and Human Development, Computer Science, Psychology, and Education. Students interested in pursuing the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program must be accepted into the graduate programs of one of these three departments and additionally apply for admission to the joint Cognitive Science program.


Students apply for admission to a home department through the regular graduate admissions process.

Students may apply to the joint Cognitive Science Ph.D. program either as a prospective graduate student (i.e., while applying to the home department) or as a current graduate student (after having already started the Ph.D.).

To apply to the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program, the student's advisor (or prospective advisor) must send a formal request for admission to the Cognitive Science program director. The request should be accompanied with the same application materials that were supplied to the home department. The program director will work with the faculty responsible for admission in the home department to determine the applicant's eligibility, and propose candidates to the Steering committee, who will vote on admissions.

Please note:

  • Only students who satisfy the admissions criteria of the home department can be considered for admission into the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program.
  • The Cognitive Science steering committee makes admissions decisions solely about the joint Ph.D. program. It does not affect admission to the home department.

Cognitive Science requirements:

Applying through the Department of Psychology >

Applying through the Department of Computer Science >

Applying through the Department of Education >