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Cognitive and Brain Studies Colloquia

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Date/Time Location Speaker Title
Feb. 3, 2020
Lane Hall 100 Dr. Erin Hecht
Harvard University
"Brain-behavior evolution in domesticated dogs and foxes"


In Fall 2019, Prof. Aniruddh Patel and Prof. Mimi Kao (Biology) received an NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award 'R21' grant, titled "Developing an animal model to study auditory-motor interactions during rhythm perception." Andrew Rouse, a CogSci grad student who is jointly supervised by Profs. Kao and Patel, will be funded by this grant for his research on rhythm perception in zebra finches.

Prof. Ray Jackendoff's article article "What is the human language faculty? Two views" has been selected by a committee of current and former editors of Language, for inclusion in Volume III of the Language Anthology.

J.P. de Ruiter has been invited to give the first Jon Oberlander Memorial lecture on December 17, 2018 in Edinburgh, UK.

In Fall 2018, Sepideh Sadeghi successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on computational models of word learning to earn a combined Computer Science/Cognitive Science degree.

Cognitive Science researchers Matthias Scheutz, J.P. de Ruiter, and Nate Ward are (Co)PIs in a new project funded by the Air Force.

Felix Gervitz, one of our CogSci grad students, has a fellowship through NASA (NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship) and got to spend last summer at Ames Research Center in California with the Intelligent Robotics Group doing really cool research on human-robot teaming and cognitive robotics for space exploration. He plans to spend all his summers there until he graduates!

MIT Press has just released Prof. Richard Chechile's book this month. The title of the book is Analyzing Memory: The Formation, Retention, and Measurement of Memory. This book contains a systematic examination of memory for single-cell organisms to complex human models of experience.

Prof. Elizabeth Race and Prof. Ani Patel received a GRAMMY Museum® grant entitled "Orchestrating brain rhythms to enhance memory across the lifespan."

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