Transfer of Out-of-Department Elective Courses

Students may petition to transfer a maximum of 2 courses that are not within the discipline of their home department as CogSci Electives.


  1. None of the five Core Cognitive Science courses can be transferred
  2. Officially designated COGS courses cannot be transferred
  3. Please see form and instructions for details about what types of courses are eligible for transfer

Procedures for Petition

  1. To petition to transfer courses, students should complete a Petition for Transfer Form and provide all the materials specified in the form. Download form and instructions.

  2. Unless the form is fully complete and the student has provided all the materials requested, the petition for transfer of courses will not be considered.

  3. This petition may be granted only if these courses are judged by the relevant faculty from that department to be equivalent to courses that are offered by Tufts as CogSci electives.

  4. When the form and materials have been submitted, the student should also e-mail the Director of the Steering Committee to alert him/her of the petition.

  5. The petition will then be considered by relevant members of the relevant department and the CogSci Steering Committee.

  6. The Director of the Steering Committee will then notify the student of the result of this discussion.