Frequently Asked Questions

  • A joint PhD in cognitive science and your home field will improve your competitiveness on the job market, given that it includes both a traditional disciplinary component and a formally recognized interdisciplinary component. For example, a student who graduates with a joint PhD in computer science and cognitive science will be qualified both for positions in computer science and for interdisciplinary positions outside of typical computer science settings, such as a cognitive science position in a psychology department.

  • Currently, four departments are associated with the joint cognitive science PhD program: Child Development, Computer Science, Education, and Psychology. If you are enrolled in a PhD program in a department that is currently not associated with the cognitive science program, it may still be possible for you to enroll in the program if the department becomes associated with the cognitive science program (please contact the program director for details).

  • The following faculty from six different departments are currently associated with the cognitive science program and can thus serve as cogsci advisors:

    Child Development

    Computer Science





    If you have in mind another possible faculty advisor with research interests in cognitive science who is interested in becoming associated with the cognitive science program, please ask this faculty member to contact the program director.