Lena Warnke
Degree: PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science, September 2023
School: Arts & Sciences
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor at Wellesley College

Theresa Law
Degree: PhD in Computer and Cognitive Science, August 2023
School: Engineering
Current position: Professor of Computer Science at Bard College

Thomas McWilliams
Degree: PhD in Psychology, May 2023
School: Arts & Sciences

Daniel Kasenberg
Degree: PhD in Computer and Cognitive Science, 5/22/2022
School: Engineering
Current position: DeepMind, Montreal, Canada

Evana Gizzi
Degree: PhD in Computer and Cognitive Science, 5/22/2022
School: Engineering
Current position: NASA

Felix Gervits
Degree: PhD in Computer and Cognitive Science, 5/17/2020
School: Engineering
Current position: Computer Scientist at U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Vasanth Sarathy
Engineering, 8/31/2020
Senior Researcher, Smart Information Flow Technologies

Aleksandra Kaszowska
Engineering, 2020
Assistant Professor, Department of Electronic Systems (The Technical Faculty of IT and Design), Aalborg University in Denmark

Andrew Valenti
Engineering, Defense date: 03/30/2020
Degree conferred: 05/17/2020
Director, Human-Machine Teaming, Boston Fusion Corp., Lexington, MA

Sepideh Sadeghi
Engineering, Defense date: 10/26/2018
Degree conferred: 02/9/2019
Commencement: 5/19/2019
Data scientist at Uber AI, Conversational AI team

Helen Pu
Arts and Sciences, 5/19/2018
Plans on going into industry (thinking about data analysis/big data) and staying in San Diego

Ola Ozernov-Palchik
Arts and Sciences, 5/19/2018
Postdoc at McGovern Institute, MIT

Jason Wilson
Engineering, 8/31/2017
Teaching post doc Northwestern University Chicago

Tom Williams
Engineering, 5/21/2017
Asst prof of CS at Colorado School of Mines/Mirrorlab

Muhammad (Ali) Qadri
Arts and Sciences, 5/21/2017
Postdoc at Tufts Comparative Cognition Lab

Megan Strait
Arts and Sciences, 5/22/2016
Asst prof, computer science, Utexas Rio Grande Valley

Aaron Gardony
Arts and Sciences, 5/22/2016
Cognitive Scientist, U.S. Army NSRDEC, Center for Applied Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Gordon Briggs
Engineering, 8/31/2015
Postdoc, Naval Research Lab

Naomi Caselli
Arts and Sciences, 7/1/2015
Asst Prof of Deaf Studies, Boston University